“Listening session” tonight for Davenport schools

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Budget Cuts Impact Davenport Schools:

A listening session will be held Wednesday night for anyone concerned about budget cuts that will impact transportation within the Davenport Community Schools district.

It's scheduled for 6-7:30 p.m. at the Central High School cafeteria, 1120 Main St.

If you can't attend, write suggestions by Thursday, to feedback@davenportschools.org

Suggestions for cuts include expanding the school walk zones to two miles and ending busing for students who don't qualify for free service.

It would also wipe out bus service for before and after-school programs at the Scott County Family YMCA.

State Education:

Illinois' Board of Education begins it's annual Strategic Planning Session.

For the next two days, they'll look at the budget for next year and other legislative issues.

Meanwhile, the Iowa Department of Education will hold a meeting for it's Teaching Standards and Evaluation Task Force that was established by the state legislature.  

The task force will recommend ways to improve teaching standards and teaching evaluations.

Teacher's Strike Over:

After a week-long break from class because of the strike, students will be back to their schoolwork today in Chicago.

A deal was negotiated Tuesday afternoon.

While the union president says the deal isn't perfect, she said it was time to end the strike.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel calls it an "honest compromise."