Trash Piling Up for County Waste Inc. Customers

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At Heather Rubingh's house the trash has been piling up literally for weeks.

"It's piled up and piled up, and with six children you can't have just one day without the trash being picked up," says Rubingh.

It’s been three and half weeks since County Waste Systems, Inc., has picked up Rubingh’s trash.

More than 15 bags of trash now litter her curb, and it’s making life miserable.

"The flies and the smell, and a lot of the neighbors are complaining, and I can't keep my windows open in the house when it's been, gorgeous beautiful weather," says Rubingh.

She’s been calling County Waste everyday for weeks, but so far nothing’s changed.

"I told the gentleman I was ready to pack it up in the truck and drop it off in the front of his office, and then he can take care of it," says Rubingh.

News 8 called County Waste Inc. today, and when we asked about their customers' trash that’s been piling up for week, we were told, "No comment."

"Thursday will be the fourth week that they have not been here,” said Keith Glenn of Discount Tools in East Moline.  He has a situation similar to Rubingh's at his business.

“They do not answer calls at times and they just don't show up," says Glenn.

Their dumpster is overflowing, and each night raccoons and scrappers rifle through the trash.

Discount Tools' contract with County Waste Systems states their trash is to be picked up once a week.

"She said, 'Well ,do I get credit for no pickup?  She says, 'Oh no, you have to pay the charge,'" explains Glenn.

Now, these County Waste customers are trying to figure out who to turn to, and what do about their growing problem.

"It's kinda hard to help out the smaller businessmen when he's not doing his job," says Rubingh.

County Waste customers we talked with tell us they’re not sure what to do with all their trash.

The piles, and the stench continue to grow, but they’re not sure who else to call or what to do with all this trash.