Biden Pounces on Romney comment

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BURLINGTON - Vice President Joe Biden hit presidential candidate Mitt Romney hard on Monday after a statement he made about the middle class.

On Friday, Mitt Romney told ABC's Good Morning America that he would define middle-income families as making in between $200,000 to $250,000 a year and less. Vice President Biden was joined on stage by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Monday who helped welcome the VP back to Iowa.

"Today I want to tell you what our vision for the future is," Biden said.

He also told the crowd what he believes Mitt Romney's vision for the future is. Biden claims that Republicans in Washington are sticking up for the upper class before they are sticking up for the middle-class. Democrats have tried to paint that picture in voter's minds all summer long.

"They're unwilling to reduce that national debt if it even requires one dollar, or one dime from people making over a million dollars," Biden said of Republicans.

The President's plan calls for an increase in taxes on the upper-class, but he says taxes on the middle class would stay the same. Vice President Biden claims that Romney wants to keep taxes low on the rich, which angered many of the supporters Monday.

"Romney's just out of touch," Des Moines County resident Rick Brown said. "He just doesn't relate to us."

Brown claims that Mitt Romney is also hard to relate to. As founder of Bain Capital, Romney's had to fight his successes there the entire time he's run for President.

"I don't think he understands what's it's like to have trouble paying bills, to try to support your children, to watch your children struggle to try to get jobs."

Biden claims that President Obama wants to build the economy from the "middle-out" instead of the "top-down." Biden claims a "top-down" approach led to the recession of 2008. Democrats claim that's what got the country in trouble in the first place.

"That's why we focus on better education," Biden said. "We created one-hundred thousand new math and science teachers."

Biden finished off the speech by shaking hands with many in the crowd. Total, the Vice President spoke for about a half an hour. Tuesday, Biden will make campaign stops in Ottumwa and Grinnell before leaving the state.

This is the fifth political event Biden has attended in Iowa this year alone. There are no other Obama-Biden campaign stops set for the Hawkeye state at this time.