Google helps you find the Bacon Number

Kevin Bacon

Google’s search engine now includes a tool that’s a spinoff of the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.”

The new feature, called the “Bacon Number,” calculates the degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon for any actor or actress.

It’s based on the trivia game created in 1994 by three Albright College students watching Kevin Bacon movies while they were stuck indoors during a snowstorm.

You simply type “bacon number”, followed by the actor’s name, into the Google search bar.  Google returns a Bacon Number result. 

The higher the Bacon Number, the more distant the connection between the actor and Kevin Bacon.  An actor that appeared in a movie with Kevin Bacon gets a Bacon Number of 1.  Kevin Bacon’s Bacon Number is 0.

According to the Oracle of Bacon website approximately 12% of all actors cannot be linked to Bacon using its criteria.


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