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Ex-mayor and police officer sentenced to probation for stealing ten thousand dollars

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The former mayor of Davenport and ex-police officer Pat Gibbs was sentenced to three years probation Thursday, for stealing nearly ten thousand dollars from a pawn shop where  he worked.

Gibbs was also ordered to pay back the $9,760 owed to the Del Rich Pawn Shop in Davenport with a payment plan of $400 per month.

Judge Nancy Tabor said prison was not the answer in this case, noting that Gibbs has no criminal history, and a job on the assembly line at Hon now, and has the means to pay back his victims.

Tabor also handed down a deferred judgement, which means the felony theft conviction will be wiped off his record, if he stays out of trouble during his three years of probation.

Gibbs was caught on surveillance tape "at least 50 times" helping himself to cash while on the job. Pawn Shop owner Mary Hatfield says she didn't want to see Gibbs serve time, but was not happy with the deferred judgement.

"We didn't want this to happen to anyone else. If it's on his record, it would show up on a background check. Now, that won't happen," said Hatfield.  "Hopefully, he'll never do this to anybody again."

Gibbs suffered a slight stroke last week and was hospitalized. He declined to make a statement in the courtroom, and offered no comment after the hearing.

Defense attorney Dave Treimer attributed his client's behavior on personal stress, including a divorce and the suicide of his son.

"He has suffered considerable tragedy in his life and he wasn't thinking properly," Treimer said after the sentencing.  "He has apologized to the victims and is making every effort to make this right."