New Proposal Levels Davenport’s Dock Restaurant

from QCCVB

from QCCVB

Davenport’s Levy Improvement Commission has approved a proposal to demolish the building that once housed the riverfront “Dock Restaurant.” Raufeilsen Development Company would like to build a four-story building in place of the flood damaged building. The proposal lists an elevated structure with parking on the first floor, restaurants, a banquet hall, and potentially a spa and health center on the second, third and fourth floor.

The proposal is the first step in a potentially long journey, Mayor Bill Gluba called it a rough draft that could be changed numerous times. There was some questions from on Levy Improvement Commission member regarding how much public access will be possible. But ultimately the commission voted to approve the proposal, sending to Davenport’s Economic Development Department for further exploration.

“We want it to remain pretty much a public area, and this is quasi-public. This is an enhancement of what used to be there,” explained Gluba.

The proposed building should be flood proof boasted the developer. Plans include a generator, and special sewage hookups that could be put to use during times of high water.

It’s believed it will take another three to six months before all the details of the new building, and a price tag can be worked out.


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