Galesburg Residents Say “Not In My Backyard” to Proposed Motel Development

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The signs are loud and clear in Northern Galesburg.

City leaders want to rezone and develop 27 acres of farmland into a motel and commercial properties.

"What we have concerns about is a motel complex going up essentially right behind us," says Galesburg resident James Dieterich.

"On the proposals in all the proposals that have come through there is a retention pond that has not moved that's in my backyard, and I do not want it in my backyard," says Angela Bastian who’s property butts up against the proposed development site.

Residents of this neighborhood say they're worried development would bring un-wanted noise, traffic, and a drop in their home values as soon as a motel pops up next door.

"Will we be able to sell our homes at some time with that behind us? That's an obvious concern we all have," explains Dieterich.

"Why would they put this development where it is, impeding into our backyards, when we have so many better options available in Galesburg for this type of development," says Bastian.

Neighbors say tell us there's a perfect spot for a hotel development on a vacant lot literally just down the road. The very next exit on Highway 34 features the remains of an old grocery story. It's been sitting empty for years, and some residents say it's a great target for redevelopment.

Neighbors say they fully support growing the City of Galesburg, but right now they believe there are better options than this field next to their homes.

"We want jobs in Galesburg, anybody would be ridiculous to say they don't want that for our town, we want the development. I don't want it, my neighbors don't want it in our backyards, it's a simple as that," says Bastian.