Rain is Too Little, Too Late

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The start of the month of September has been a wet one for our area. The Quad Cities have seen nearly 2 inches of rain, just this month. It already doubles the totals from both June and July combined.

During the month of June, our area only experienced 1.5 inches of rain. The month of July only added a half of an inch. Much different than the first week of September where our area has seen nearly 2 inches of rain, thunderstorms and even hail. 

Meteorologist John Haase with the National Weather Service says it’s too little too late.

"The trend is at least improving but in Moline, we are still about 9 inches below normal for the year," Haase says. "We still have a ways to go but we are putting a little dent in the drought."

This summer, we experienced 45 days temperatures higher than 90 degrees.  The record is 59 days.