President Obama hits Iowa again

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IOWA CITY - For the second time in less than a week, President Barack Obama campaigned in Iowa.

This time, President Obama went to Iowa City, campaigning outside Jessup Hall. A rainy Friday finally turned into a cheerful day for many spectators who waited out in the rain for hours.

The President called this year's election the clearest choice that people have had in his entire life. He claims Republicans did not have an answer to the unemployment problem when they spoke at their convention in late August.

"They want your vote," Preside Obama said. "They don't want you to know their plan though because they know that you wouldn't buy it."

President Obama claims a Republican plan to roll back regulations would only put more money in the pockets of big businesses. Republicans claim it will help bring back more jobs and lower the unemployment rate.

"I don't think that rolling back regulations on Wall Street is somehow going to let the small business in Iowa City expand," President Obama said.

The President spoke in front of hundreds of college students Friday. It will be the first time that they are eligible to vote. The President said many times how people in the crowd can register to vote, hoping that he can sway them onto his side.

"Coming in, I was more for Romney," Iowa student Matt Maiers said. "But he did a lot to change my mind."

Maiers liked the President's speech. The President even included information about the jobs numbers that were released Friday. What he didn't mention is that unemployment has now been above eight percent for 43 months in a row.

"Business has added jobs for the 30th month in a row," President Obama said. "We've added more than 4.6 million jobs."

After that, President Obama said the country still has a lot more work to do. Republicans have been quick to criticize the President though because unemployment has remained above eight percent the entire time he's been in office. Nonetheless, the college students say he connected with them.

"He took me away," student Alexis Odom said. "He is so inspirational when he talks. He's got my vote 100 percent."

Before leaving, the President had motivating words for the college students with the new "Forward" slogan planted in the background. Iowa is one of about eight "battleground" states heading into the general election.

"We'll remind the world why the United States of America is the greatest nation on Earth," the President said. "Let's get to work. Let's move forward."

The President was joined by First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Dr. Jill Biden. This is the 15th political event that the President has attended in the state this year. The campaign says there are currently no other trips planned to the Hawkeye state.