Local look on Democratic National Convention

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The Democratic National Convention kicks off Tuesday and the local Scott County Democrats say they are enthusiastic about this year's convention.

The convention is being held in Charlotte, North Carolina Sept. 4-6th.  The First Lady will be delivering a speech Tuesday as well as former President Bill Clinton, set for Wednesday night.  President Obama is expected to accept the democratic party nominations and deliver an acceptance speech Thursday evening.

Locally, democrats say they expect the speeches to reiterate what they see as two different visions for the country.  Scott County auditor, Roxanna Moritz says she is expecting a clear message for the voters.

"In this election, unlike years in the past, there is going to be a clear vision between what President Obama and Vice President Biden are offering and what we see from Governor Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. I think people will have a clear distinction for who and what they are voting for," Moritz tells us.

She says she thinks the convention will help boost the increased enthusiasm they have already seen this year.  She says absentee voting has doubled this year compared to the election in 2008.

The Scott County Democrats are hosting a party at Jersey Grille on Thursday during the President's speech.

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