River Drive Re-Opening Can’t Come Soon Enough

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It’s the end of the summer, and for a handful of Davenport businesses, hopefully the end of construction season.

"Our volume is down about 50 to 70 percent since we've had the construction," says LuAnn Stemler of Winnies Wishes Resale Shop.

All of the profits earned at Winnies Wishes go to support battered women in the Quad Cities.

So a 50 to 70 percent drop in business truly hurts those in need.

But there’s one thing that’s helped keep them a float.

"What has saved us and what is good for us is we have all volunteers here. It's all volunteer staff, whereas these other retail businesses are being affected much more," says Stemler.

Next door the Java Java Cafe doesn’t run on volunteers.

The drop in customers meant owners had to cut their employees hours.

"From the day they closed we figure they operate about 40-45 percent of normal sales," says Daron Vanzuiden of Java Java Café. "We've had some employees just have to get other jobs, we don't have the hours. We're hoping that changes soon."

Vanzuiden says a handful of regulars literally going out of their way has helped keep them in business.

"If it wasn't for those customers we wouldn't be here," says Vanzuiden.

Resurfacing work to River Drive is expected to wrap up next week.

The handful of businesses affected by this work should see the road re-open next Friday.

"We'll believe it when we see it, I know it'll be done but we still have a long road ahead of us," says Vanzuiden.