Police looking for tips, family for justice in 4-year old murder case

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A Quad City family is marking a solemn anniversary Thursday by making another public appeal to try and solve a four-year old murder case.

Harriet Crandall, 96, was robbed and strangled to death in her home in Milan on August 30th, 2008. A fire was then set to cover up the crime.

Police and family members returned to the now vacant lot where her house once stood to bring the cold case back into the public eye, hoping it sparks a tip, a clue, some hope.

''It's a horrible, heinous act that was committed'', said Detective Chris George. ''I firmly believe there is somebody out there that knows something''.

Crandall kept a lot of cash inside the house because her son says, ''she was from the Depression-era and she didn't trust banks''.

The money was taken, and Harriet killed. Police have run down hundreds of leads, all dead ends.

''I want to see somebody brought to justice'', said Jim Crandall, one of Harriet's sons. He owns the empty lot and still mows and weeds it.

He put up a sign in the yard last year, offering a $3,000 reward for the tip that cracks the case.

''Most of my family says you're wasting your time, but Patty and I don't give up. I maintain ownership of the lot, just so I can keep the sign up,'' Crandall said.

Patty Burford is Harriet's granddaughter. She says she intends to make a public appeal for information every year on the anniversary of her grandmother's death.

''I have family members telling me, mom, leave it alone. Let it go. I can't let it go'', she cried.

Anyone with information can anonymously call Quad City Crimestoppers or their local police department.

''Whoever did it. I hope their conscience is killing them,'' said Crandall.