Watch: John Archer addresses Republican convention

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The Republican candidate for Iowa's Second Congressional District seat spoke at the Republican National Convention Tuesday, August 28, 2012.

Here is a transcript of his remarks (issued by his office): 

Greetings to the Iowa delegation and all the great people in the state of Iowa!

Hope and change were elected four years ago, and where has that gotten us?

We have more debt -- almost 16 trillion in debt.  This White House believes in a tax and spend philosophy.

We have more doubt -- families don't know how much Obamacare will cost them, and businesses don't know what new regulations will burden them.

We have more despair -- for 42 months, unemployment has been above 8 percent.  We keep waiting for it to improve -- and waiting and waiting and waiting.

We don't have to wait any more: We can do better!  And we'll do it by talking honestly about the issues.

As we have in Iowa this year, we will continue to talk about big ideas this week:

We'll talk about a balanced budget -- we can do better.

We'll talk about tax relief for working families -- we can do better.

We'll talk about stopping the regulatory attack on farmers and small businesses -- we can do better.

We'll talk about protecting Medicare and Social Security for this generation of seniors and the next -- we can do better.

And we'll talk about getting government out from in-between patients and their doctors by repealing Obamacare -- we can do better.

And we will do better in Iowa and across this great nation by electing Mitt Romney and Paul

Ryan as the next President and Vice President of the United States this November!

Thank you, and God bless Iowa and this great nation!