Local Red Cross Volunteers Head South for Issac

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The Quad Cities Red Cross deployed 4 more people Sunday from our area to the Gulf Coast area as Tropical Storm Issac strengthens.

Sue Yoder, a volunteer with the Red Cross for 20 years is back at it again as she heads to Tampa, Florida to work with local organizations to make sure that they are meeting the needs of the people in the area affected by the storm.

Sue is 1 of 5 volunteers from our area and 1 of 11 in our region to make their way down south.  Another form of help needed in the affected area is fundraising efforts.  Regional Chief Development Officer, Todd Klein of Bettendorf left for Birmingham Sunday as well to meet with donors.

"I talk to them about why the funding is so important and why it's so necessary and needed for the communities that are being affected," Klein says.

Todd says a big myth in regards to the Red Cross is that it is federally funded but since it is not, the donations are extremely important.  They help send volunteers like Sue to disaster areas.

Sue says once she arrives she is expecting 12 hour days and a lot of stress but she says it is worth it. 

"It is very fulfilling as you can imagine, we always get back way more than we give our clients," Sue expresses.

Two volunteers from Rock Island also went south Sunday with the local Mobile Emergency Response Vehicle.