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QCA Red Cross Volunteers Fly to Florida

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Tropical Storm Isaac or Hurricane Isaac... It doesn't matter to the American Red Cross.

On Friday, August 24th, 2012, Claudia McCalley, Larry Bell, and Ed Recker joined 250 Red Cross Volunteers throughout the U.S. and flew to Florida.

McCalley is from Elkader, Iowa. The retired court officer says she'll spend at least 14 days setting up shelters in preparation for the expected severe weather.

"We're going to try to have everything ready to go so if people need to go to the shelters, everything is ready - the cots will be there, the food will be there, and we'll be all set and ready for them when the doors open," says McCalley.

Larry Bell is from Moline. The 10-year Red Cross Volunteer says he doesn't mind leaving his retired life behind to help somebody else.

"Somebody has helped me before and I figure I owe it to them and it does my heart good to help other people," says Bell.

McCalley and Bell flew out of Quad City International Airport Friday morning. Recker, who is from Cascade, Iowa, is expected to leave sometime Friday afternoon.

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