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Scott County grabs international e-waste honors

Scott County's e-waste facility is celebrating a unique global recognition. It's the first public agency in the world to receive Responsible Recycling (R2) certification.

There's a lot of crunching and munching in Davenport on Thursday morning.

They're processing nearly 2 million pounds of e-waste this year. That's doubling projections from when the Electronic Demanufacturing Center opened in 2005.

"We know that it's being demanufactured and taken out of landfills," said client Vanna Roof. "That's what our customers are looking for."

There are cheers and a ribbon cutting for becoming the first public agency in the world to meet Responsible Recycling certification. That R2 status is more than trash talking.
 It took thorough screenings to make the grade.

"This certification helps us increase the business that we have here and keeps the cost low to all of our customers," said center director Kathy Morris.

The center is at 1048 E. 59th Street in Davenport. It's open Monday through Friday from 7:30-4.

That R2 designation is a real status symbol for this facility. It represents the latest in controlling e-waste.

The center processed 1.8 million pounds of e-waste in 2011. The total now tallies more than nine million pounds. The R2 rating will boost future amounts.

"When we send materials out, it's not ending up in third world countries," said Erin Vorac, communication coordinator for the Waste Commission of Scott County. "It's ending up at facilities that are certified and legally can accept the material and have the technology to process it."

Nearly two-thirds of the items come from residential customers, but the center expects business clients will continue to grow.

"We think it gives our customers, both our business and residential customers, that extra secure or good feeling to know that their materials can be managed appropriately," Morris concluded.

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