Romney: Election is about the soul of America

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney used the setting at LeClaire Manufacturing in Bettendorf, Iowa to challenge whether American will become like cash-strapped Europe, or be a nation devoted to economic freedom.

Romney arrived at LeClaire Manufacturing ready to emphasize the economy.  Using the theme, “We did build it,” he brings a message about strengthening and growing the middle class.

“It is free men and women that drive our economy.  Freedom is what makes America work,” Romney said.

It’s a message that’s important to local Republicans.  Battle ground Iowa is getting plenty of political attention as a swing state with six electoral votes on the line.

"We're making the tough choices in Iowa, cutting the deficit and building the economy,” said Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds. 

LeClaire Manufacturing is more familiar with aluminum castings than presidential candidates, but the family business is a perfect setting for this campaign rally.

Romney focused on boosting business, allowing small firms to grow and prospect without excessive regulations. 

“"We have to champion small business. we have to make it easier for small businesses across the country to grow and thrive. that means keeping taxes down and getting regulators to encourage them,” Romney said.

It’s the kind of policy that helps to pump up Iowa Republicans for the November election.

"I think now Romney has a very good chance of eroding the strong presence of president Obama in 2008,” said Maggie Tinsman. 

That energy will be important in the final two months of the campaign.