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St. Ambrose students return to campus, new dorm

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Freshman Deanna Reichardt doesn't have a problem with the chaos that is college move-in day.

"The elevator's a little crowded, you know, but mostly it's working out pretty well," said Reichardt.

And the added bonus? She's among the first batch of students to call North Hall home. The four-story, $10 million project on the corner of Harrison and Lombard adds more than 200 beds to campus. It's also the answer to some neighborhood concerns.

"This is really a part of our strategic plan to pull students out of the neighborhood, get them to live back on campus, and be a good neighbor for the neighborhoods around St. Ambrose," said Vice President of Finance Mike Poster.

That means getting to know their new campus.

"Where's the Rogalski Center? What's going on at 6? Do we have to go to the floor meeting?" said residential life's Kevin Annis of popular move-in day questions.

"It's good. Busiest day of the year, aside from move-out day, but we're all happy to have all the incoming freshman and all the returners," Annis added.

Good weather, friendly roommates... the hardest part of the day may just be for the parents.

 "I think his mother will cry a river when we leave," said Henry Merschman.   

They're leaving their kids in good company, though, as this year, more students than ever are calling the St. Ambrose campus "home."