Group serves free meals for World Humanitarian Day

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A group of friends led by Angela Wilson spent the afternoon at Lafayette Park in Davenport with serving utensils in hand.  In honor of World Humanitarian Day, the group gave away free meals to anyone and everyone in the area.

They are not with any organization, just regular people who were looking to give back.

“I’ve had to have helped, each of us that have put this together have had to have help in some way, so this is what we decided to do,” Angela Wilson says.

Within the first 2 hours, the group had served nearly 50 people and Luekinna Hodges of Davenport says the timing was perfect.

“I am one of them [struggling in this economy] so I know what it’s like.” Hodges says, “Right now I don’t really have any food at home so this is really a blessing.”

She says she thinks this brings much more for the people in this area then just a few plates of food

“Not only do they get to eat, they feel loved and they get to fellowship.  This is beautiful at a time like this, we all need this.  That’s love and I think we need more of that here in Davenport.”

The group says this is not about recognition for any of them, but just to do something great for someone else.