Mumford & Sons Concert to Drown Out Scandal in Dixon

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The town of Dixon, Illinois is buzzing as final preparations are made for the upcoming Mumford and Sons concert, and the 15,000 fans who bought tickets.

Normally a concert wouldn't grab headlines, but they do when a town like Dixon, population 15,000, doubles in size for a weekend.

"This is fantastic for this city, after some of the notoriety we've had, this is a good change," says Stan Wolzen of Dixon.

"The town has just kind of been buzzing about this, and now it's all building into a crescendo here," says Dixon Mayor Jim Burke.

All told this concert is expected to bring more than 20,000 people to Dixon.

Tickets sold out in a matter of hours, and estimates are those fans will spend a lot of money here.

"The estimates are a million and half dollars, over the course of the weekend will be spent in Dixon. This is the biggest thing that's ever happened in Dixon," says Josh Albrecht of Main Street Dixon.

"These restaurants are probably going to find out they can't handle these people, or they're not going to have enough help, or going to have enough food," says Mayor Burke.

City leaders and residents alike welcome the band and all their fans.

They're also happy to see Dixon getting attention for something other than the recent embezzlement case that saw Rita Crundwell bilk the city out of more than 50 million dollars.

"Two guys from out of town were at a restaurant the other night, and they said nobody's talking about the embezzlement anymore, they're talking about the big concert," says Burke.

And while something as simple as a folk rock concert may not completely wash away Dixon's financial woes, there's no doubt it's providing a nice distraction right now.

"I can't imagine what this riverfront is going to look like is going to look like tonight with 10,000 people between these two bridges," says Burke.