Dog groomers hope for visit from President Barack Obama

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A Village business prepped for a possible Presidential visit after they got a call from the White House.

At Freddy's Fritters Dog Bakery and Pet Boutique, they're getting ready for President Barack Obama to possibly make a pit stop here before he speaks to a crowd down the street.

"I'm very excited and a little nervous," said Jenn Gan, a groomer.

A phone call earlier this week signaled it could happen.

"Left her name and said she was calling from the President's Office and that she wanted to know what our shop was all about," said Gann.

Shop mascot “Sugar” was given the royal treatment in preparation.

"I did a little doggie facial on her today and little earrings for the President," she said. "She loves to be groomed. She loves to get pretty."

The Village of East Davenport is abuzz with news that the President might stop in at one of these shops.

Freddy's is hoping that First Dog, Bo, is the deciding factor.

"Be great if they brought Bo in. That'd be exciting."

They even prepared a basket of goodies for him.

"A doggie cannoli, a doggy dog, a little piece of doggie pizza, can't go wrong,” said Emily Kuhn, a sales associate. “Reporter says: It's making me hungry. Emily: You should be here when we're baking."

President Obama has a history of surprise stops in the Quad Cities.

Last June, he stopped at Ross' in Bettendorf, where he was served the specialty "magic mountain.”

A couple of months later, he dropped in at Kernel Cody's Popcorn in LeClaire.

Freddy's hopes they're next.

"We're hoping that maybe we'll have an opportunity to get up close to them."