Scott County Auditor Investigates Possible Voter Fraud

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The Scott County Auditor's Office is trying to investigate a possible case of voter fraud from the 2010 elections.

Iowa's Secretary of State says there is a list of around 160-180 Scott County voters who may be guilty of voter fraud. Scott County Auditor, Roxanna Moritz, says she's been trying to get the list of names since February, but six months later, she is still empty-handed.

On Tuesday, August 14th, Moritz went to the Scott County Board of Supervisors to let them know about the situation and also see if there is any way they can help.

Last week, the state's auditors learned that the Secretary of State was already looking into possible voter fraud involving up to 3,000 voters statewide, which may be one of the reasons why it's taking so long for the names to come out.

Still, the Scott County Board of Supervisors says it's "inexcusable" to not have the names yet and told Moritz if she doesn't receive them by Wednesday, they'll step in.

180 people is a small number, but Moritz says it's not acceptable and she wants to make sure they can investigate the situation on a county level and have a clean election in November.

"We need the names that the Secretary of State has acquired so that we have the time and the opportunity to go out and look... are there similarities and could we narrow this down by what he calls -- and could be -- a great deal of just data mistakes?" said Moritz after the meeting this morning.

The Board of Supervisors also gave Moritz the "okay" to hire someone part-time to find all the documents needed to move forward with their investigation. Moritz estimated the project to only take up to two weeks.