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Possible Voter Fraud in Scott Co. Raises Questions

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Scott County Auditor says her office is in a stalemate as the state investigates possible cases of voter fraud.  Roxanna Moritz says she is waiting on a list from Iowa Secretary of State of the 160-180 people being investigated in Scott County.

 “While it is only 0.1 percent of the election, we do want to ensure to the public that we are looking at all the opportunities for voter fraud,” Moritz says.

It raises questions for party leaders who want to ensure the integrity of the voting process.  Scott County Republican Party Chairwoman, Judy Davidson says asking for photo i.d. at polling sites would be a start.

“You have to show and i.d. to by alcohol, to get a driver’s license, to pick up a package so requiring an i.d. to vote I think is a very legitimate and in my opinion a very worthwhile cause,” she says.

But Moritz says that is not the answer because it leaves out a large part of the voting population. 

She adds, “30% or even 40% of our presidential election will come for absentee voting.  There is nothing put in place for absentee voting, so you would be requiring more from one person at a poll than you would require for some one that is voting absentee.”

Whatever the solution, this year’s close caucus shows how every vote can count and Moritz wants to reassure the public that in Scott County, they are doing everything they can to identify any issues.