Political spotlight shines on our area

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It was a busy Monday in the Village of East Davenport ahead of President Obama's visit Wednesday.  Crews mowed the lawns and put up no-parking signs.

As our area is getting ready, the President kicked off his 3 day tour with a stop in Council Bluffs and Boone.  Romney's new running mate, Paul Ryan and the economy were among the things the President spoke to the crowd about.

But the Republicans in our area aren't being left out this week.  Iowa's 2nd District Congressional Candidate John Archer has some special guest coming this week as well as he looks to gain momentum for his race against Congressman Dave Loebsack.

Republican congressmen from Texas, Missouri and Georgia will make their way to our area to campaign for the challenger this week.

"It's an endorsement for our campaign for 3 very busy congressmen to come stump for us," Archer says.  "It means the 2nd district of Iowa from a republican stand point is in play and it's really a testament that we can win this district."

Two different parties and two different races but all the political attention on Iowa.