Xstream Cleanup hits Quad City waterways

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You never know what you'll find when you start cleaning out Quad City waterways: glass, plastic bags, straws... and some more unusual debris.

"A Welcome to Paradise sign, which I think is kind of funny, and you can fly there on the little airplane that I found, and fish with your wax worms, and when you're done you can relax with your bottle of Crown Royal," laughed Sue Rodgers while showing off her finds.

But after nine years of cleanups, Living Lands and Waters' Chad Pregracke said the difference is visible. 

"Lot less trash out there now then when I started, for sure, hands down," said Pregracke.

With the help of low river levels, volunteers collected more than 47,000 pounds of trash Saturday morning. It may be dirty work, but volunteers say it's worth it.

"We came out last year and cleaned, and went to the barge party again on Thursday night and recruited even more people this year and all came out, and it's a very worthy cause that Chad's doing," said Rodgers.

"These could be really nice places for people to come and relax and bring their families or friends, and its just nice to be able to come to a place that's clean and nice," added Emily Minteer.

And with the help of a live band, food and friends, there was plenty of fun along the way.

"It's a great event, probably one of the better ones we've ever done," said Pregracke.