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Presidential BobbleHeads at River Bandits

The Quad City River Bandits got into the political spirit Sunday by giving away bobble heads of President Obama and Republican Candidate, Mitt Romney.  They held a mock election poll; the winner determined by whose bobble head had the most requests. 

Obama supporters lined up on the left and Romney fans on the right as they entered Modern Woodman Park Sunday afternoon.

The River Bandits held a mock bobble head election four years ago and similar to the results of the 2008 election, Obama edged out McCain.

Bandits’ General Manager, Stephanie Brown says as far as bobble heads are concerned, the President has the edge this year as well.  “It looks like Barack Obama is strongly winning on the bobble head front.”

According to the latest poll on, the actual race is much closer.  Romney has 44.3% of Iowans support and Obama has the slight lead with 45.3%.

But River Bandits fan and Romney supporter, Jack Swan is not convinced a win tonight means much for the President.

“I suppose people picked Obama because he is president and has been president,” Swan says.  “But he is a ‘has-been’ president and we are looking for some new leadership.”

Leadership, the economy and healthcare were the main topics discussed when asked why a side was chosen.  Though the ballpark may have sided with the President tonight, the state remains undecided.

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