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Local band plays for the President

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The President will be stopping at the Village of East Davenport on Wednesday as he tours Iowa and 5 local musicians have been selected to play for him.

Members of the Quad Cities own Big River Brass Band have pulled out all of their patriotic music as they prepare to play for President Obama and the First Lady.

The band was chosen to play after one of it's members, Phyllis Miller contacted the President's local headquarters to tell them about their band.  After a number of calls, the local band was on the program.  The brass band, normally 25 people, had to make some adjustments.

"The guy called and said we can't do 25 people but we can do 5," Phyllis shares.  "Can you get it down to 5, he asks.  Sure, I said."

The quintet is comprised of 2 local music teachers, Phyllis Miller and Robert Fisher, the City Planner of Davenport, Matt Flynn, a financial planner from Bettendorf, Brian Burke and a retired John Deere employee, Jerry Miller.  They are now rehearsing for the gig of their lifetimes.

"It's kind of nice that we are just ordinary people that just like to play music for fun," Phyllis says.

The band has received little to no detail on what and when they will be playing.  They say they are prepared for anything but thought rehearsing patriotic songs was a good place to start.  They are also ready for requests by the President, they say.

"We have a pretty thick list of charts so we could probably do something," Director, Brian Burke says.

And as they wait for more details, members say this event will just an honor.

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