Quad City Moms Blog: Back to School Routines

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The Quad City Moms Blog has a few tips for parents as many get ready to send kids back to school, some for the first time.

Lynn Schulte said her kids have been getting ready with a countdown calendar. Every morning they make an "X" on the calendar and see how many days left. She says it is particularly helpful for her kindergartener, who will be going to school for the first time. Later that calendar is good for planning everyone's after-school activities.

Sandi Olsen is a former teacher and now works as a school counselor. She recommends helping kids get out the door in the morning with as little stress as possible. The best way she says is to do as much as possible the night before. That includes things like laying out clothes, taking baths and packing backpacks.

The night-time routine Olsen suggests includes planning for bed time. She says it is important that parents plan for all the tasks to be done in time for the child to get 10 hours of sleep per night.

Laura Beazley has kept her kids busy with homework during the summer break as well. She says that helps cut some of the transitioning that takes place between school years. After school, she said her kids know they will get a snack when they come home and then are asked to pull out their homework, planners and any papers they need looked at or signed. All of it goes right back in the folders and the backpack when they're done.

The moms also recommend taking kids to the school's orientation night. That helps kids ease jitters by letting them see their desk, meet their teacher, and get used to the school again after summer.