Scam targets spouses of deployed military

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Someone is running an email scam aimed at getting more than $1,000 from spouses of deployed members of the Illinois National Guard.

Military spouses are reportedly getting emails from someone who says their deployed service member is approved for temporary leave but they need payment to cover the cost of luggage before the travel can happen.

The fraudulent emails are sent directly to military spouses and they identify the deployed service person by name.  They are sent by someone claiming to be the Illinois National Guard Acting Adjutant General, Maj. Gen. Dennis Celletti. 

“These criminals are attempting to play upon the desire of our military spouses to see their service members home on leave,” said Celletti.  “It is our priority to protect our families and deployed heroes from these despicable criminals and the financial and emotional harm they would cause.”

Civilian law enforcement agencies have been notified of the scam. 

Anyone who thinks they were targeted by this scam should contact the FBI Cyber Crime website at