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Scott County Declared Battlegound within a Battleground

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There's no doubt Iowa and its first in the nation caucus' play a big role in selecting our nation's presidents. But now we're learning not only Iowa, but our area will likely go a very long way in determining who the next president of the United States is. That's because Scott County is considered one of a few battleground counties with in our battleground state.

Inside the Scott County Republican Headquarters it’s a kind of organized chaos.

"We've done a lot of phone calling, we've done a lot of door knocking, and our headquarters have opened earlier than ever before, so it's a seven-day a week, almost 24 hour process," says Judy Davidson, Chairwoman for the Scott County GOP.

In 2008 her county went for President Obama and since then she says she and her fellow republicans haven't stopped working.

"In 2008 President Obama took Scott County, in 2010 we turned that around," says Davidson.

The 2010 general elections saw local republicans elect Terry Branstad as governor, while winning three open seats on the county board and winning an additional seat in both state house and senate.

The latest polls from Real Clear Politics shows Obama and Romney in a virtual tie, separated by just one point. Davidson says this election will come down to which side is willing to work harder. Right now Republicans describe themselves as energized, and motivated, but also fearful that once again their pivotal county may tip the scales in President Obama's favor.

"Because of that we're seeing the highest amount of energy and motivation and volunteerism for a number of years," says Davidson.

Of course democrats would probably tell you they're working just as hard. We reached out to President Obama's re-election campaign, and the Scott County Democrats, but neither were available for interview by our deadline.