Contest Winner List

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Contest Winners

Here is a list of winners from our latest contests:

CMA Awards Contest
Taylor Fulford of East Moline, IL

Zookeeper for a Day – September
Lynn Boelger of Davenport, IA

Zookeeper for a Day – August
Jayne Kerns of Moline, IL

Zookeeper for a Day – July
Amy Fielding of Reynolds, IL

Crash My Bath Contest
Ashley Wright of Rock Island, IL

Guess the Balls Contest
Thursday – Laura Swanson of Alpha, IL
Friday – Mary Poulter of Prophetstown, IL
Saturday – Mikki Judge of Buffalo, IA
Sunday – Sheila Sarginson of Bettendorf, IA

M.I. Construction Home Improvement Giveaway
Todd Volkert of Milan, IL

Win a Home Generator Contest
Chris Gaura of LeClaire, IA

Zookeeper for a Day – June
Tabitha Strohm of Muscatine, IA

Quad Cities Music Guild Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Contest
Vincent Honts of Bettendorf, IA

Zookeeper for a Day – May
Suzanne Bell of Sheffield, IL

Splash into Summer Giveaway
5/23/16 – Stephanie Wright of Davenport, IA
5/24/16 – Bridget Johnson of Geneseo, IL
5/25/16 – Samantha Weber of Davenport, IA
5/26/16 – Stacy Lohse of Davenport, IA
5/27/16 – Marlene De Long of Milan, IL
5/30/16 – Marymae Armstrong of Galesburg, IL
5/31/16 – Dewinn Hume of Port Byron, IL
6/1/16 – Teresa Thompson of Galesburg, IL
6/2/16 – LeAnna McCullough of Muscatine, IA
6/3/16 – Megan Wright of Davenport, IA
6/6/16 – Michelle Shepherd of Orion, IL
6/7/16 – Kim Richardson of Clinton, IA
6/8/16 – Richard Liesse of Dalzell, IL
6/9/16 – Lindsay Johnson of Knoxville, IL
6/10/16  – Becky Cernin of Bettendorf, IA
6/11/16 – Danah Wildermuth of Geneseo, IL
6/14/16 – Hope Essary of Orion, IL
6/15/16 – Melissa Arias of Davenport, IA
6/16/16 – Linda Reickard of Eldridge, IA

Chicago Baseball Giveaway #1 – Brenna Flaherty of Davenport, IA
Chicago Baseball Giveaway #2 – Mitchell Paulsen of Maquoketa, IA

Grocery Giveaway Week #4
Angie Stone of Davenport, IA
Rebekah Peters of Davenport, IA
Amy Kersten of Davenport, IA


Grocery Giveaway Week #3
Patricia Roache of Davenport, IA
Patty Swanson of Sherrard, IL
Niki Garczynski of East Moline, IL


Seiffert Deck Giveaway
Tonya Wilkens of Bettendorf, IA


Grocery Giveaway Week #2
Justin Argo of Moline, IL
Scott Devaney of Rock Island, IL
Diane Schad of Moline, IL


Grocery Giveaway Week #1
Paige Shafer of Muscatine, IA
Lois James of Oakville, IA
Kevin Ehlers of Moline, IL


Mom’s Special Day Contest
Jim Bishop of Alexis, IL


Monster Jam Contest
Alysha Yerkey of Abingdon, IL
Daniel Earnest of Walcott, IA
Amanda Coryn of  East Moline, IL


Ultimate Blackhawk Fan Contest #4
Margie Kelley of Davenport, IA


Quad City Music Guild – My Favorite Year Contest
Pete Ortiz of Coal Valley, IL