Contest Winner List

Contest Winners

Here is a list of winners from our latest contests:

JumpOnIt Mobile Deals – Target Gift Card Contest
Lisa Peed of Kewanee, IL

Monster Jam Contest
Jason Benskin of Muscatine, IA
Joe Lowder of LaMoille, IL
Jessica DeCrane of Moline, IL

Ultimate Mother’s Day Contest
Nominator – Hollie  Grawey of Knoxville, IL
Mother – Kellie   Morgan of Knoxville, IL

Nominator –  Keli  Huckabey of Monmouth, IL
Mother – Donna Rost  of  Monmouth, IL

Nominator – Jennifer  Paton  of Galesburg, IL
Mother – Karen Paton of Galesburg IL

Nominator – Nisha   Ladlee of Rock Island, IL
Mother –  Stephanie Savala Akers of  East Moline, IL

Mother’s Day Giveaway from Don’s Jewelry
Jan Saddoris from Clinton, IA

WWE Contest
Nicole Raymond of Davenport, IA
Robert Babbitt of Muscatine, IA
Brenda Desmond of Port Byron, IL

Church Basement Ladies Contest – Circa ’21
Mary Gassman of Rock Island, IL

Saint Giuseppe’s Pizza Giveaway
Stephanie Peterson  of Andalusia, IL

Ellen Contest
Sara Wheeler of Mineral, IL

Quad City Music Guild – Urinetown Contest
Sonja Brown of Sherrard, IL

Chicago Weekend Getaway
Aimee Hulderson of Reynolds, IL

Les Miserables  – Circa ’21 Contest
Gail Poe of Milan, IL

Wedding Max Contest
Erin Wischnak of Taylor Ridge, IL

Harlem Globetrotters – Ball Boy/Girl Contest
Alek Cuellar of Muscatine, IA

8 Days of Christmas –
Day 1 – Circa ’21 – Belinda Murray of Silvis, IL and Deana Titus of East Moline, IL
Day 2 – Revell Jewelers – Brittany Homula of Kewanee, IL
Day 3 – LeClaire Shopkeepers – Heather Dennis of Davenport, IA
Day 4 – Saint Giuseppe’s Pizza – Sally Kiser of Davenport, IA
Day 5 – RIFAC – Debra DeCrane of Monmouth, IL
Day 6 – Bass Street Chop House – Alan Asay of Bettendorf, IA
Day 7 – Putnam Museum – Debra Esparza of Moline, IL
Day 8 – Alure Salon and Spa – Carla Edfors of Clinton, IA

Disney on Ice Contest
Grand Prize  –
Joni Chandler of Davenport, IA
Runner-Up Winners
Heather Gottwalt of Geneseo, IL
Rebecca Aguilar  of Moline, IL

Zimmerman Honda Spirit Award
Davenport North High School

CMA Awards Contest
Amber Brodrick of Galesburg, IL

Disney Live Contest
Julie Fuller of Rock Island, IL

Funny, You Don’t Look Like a Grandmother Contest – Circa ’21
Jennifer Jackson of Rock Island, IL

Score Selfie Contest
Week 1 – Reagan Greenwood of North Scott
Week 2 – Grant Whitty of Assumption
Week 3 – Ben Cruse of Pleasant Valley High School
Week 5 – Jay Foster of Bettendorf, IA
Week 6 – Sara Stabe of Baldwin, IA
Week 7 – Jadwin Woodall of Bettendorf, IA
Week 8 – Emma Hauber of Bettendorf, IA
Week 9 – Hailey Cook of Moline, IL

WWE Live Contest

Week #4
Eric Collett of Davenport, IA
Violet Torres of Hillsdale, IL

Week #3
Doug Kuriger of Geneseo, IL
Darius Johnson of Galesburg, IL

Week #2
Donald Wilson of Cameron, IL
Donna Hagar of Monmouth, IL

Week #1
Kristi Schmoe of Galesburg, IL
Cindy Shamblin of Oquawka, IL

Tess Harriss Contest
Jessica Kuelper of Rio, IL

Circus Celebrity Contest
Michelle Hayes of Bettendorf, IA – Grand Prize
Heidi Thompson of Eldridge, IA
Michelle Lofgren of Moline, IL

Village Home Stores Summer Contest
Theresa Malone of Davenport, IA

Cooldown Giveaway
Kathleen Thomas of Davenport, IA

Des Moines Getaway Contest
Samantha Pieczynski of Davenport, IA
Brenton Powell

Circa ‘21’s Love, Lies & the Lottery Contest
Jill Edmunds of Orion, IL

Eye Surgeons Associates – Win Free LASIK Contest
Grand Prize – Jo Lynn Lewis of Galesburg, IL

Nine Runner-Up
Christina Laubenthal of Davenport, IA
Julie Allbee of LeClaire, IA
Terry Ruchardson of Davenport, IA
Michelle Kelley of Colona, IL
Tiffany  Cooper of Bettendorf, IA
Abby Pewe of Wheatland, IA
Kim Debrock of Sheffield, IL
Annette Schmidt of Camanche, IA
Cheryl Ehrler of Davenport, IA

Quad City Music Guild – Legally Blonde Contest
Alice Davila of East Moline, IL

Crawford Company – Tankless Water Heater Giveaway
Cheryl Goodwin of Davenport, IA

Golf and Travel Giveaway
Melissa Nordeen of Moline, IL

Win a Home Generator Contest Winner
Phil Morrison of Galesburg, IL

Thunder Bay Father’s Day Giveaway
Andrea Brown of Davenport, IA

Circa ’21 Fiddler on the Roof Contest
Bruce Kamer of Clinton, IA

Family Credit Union – HANK the HELOC 2.0 Contest
Week One – Mark Hondley of Sterling, IL
Week Two – Terri Miller of Davenport, IA
Week Three – Candice Moran of East Moline, IL

Rock River Electric Grand Giveaway
Week One – Beverly Cummings of Galesburg, IL
Week Two – Amanda Guyton from Biggsville, IL
Week Three – Sharon Eubanks of Davenport, IA
Week Four – Kevin Holden of Moline, IL

Monster Jam Contest
Peter Owen of Bettendorf, IA

Meyer Landscape and Design Spring Giveaway
David Cole of Muscatine, IA


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