Contest Winner List

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Here is a list of winners from our latest contests:

Zoo Fun Day Sweepstakes – September
Sharon Clester of Fruitland, IA

Brew Ha Ha Sweepstakes
Joy Coulter of Joy, IL

Zoo Fun Day Sweepstakes – August
Brian Goldesberry of Atalissa, IA

Brewed’s Celebrate the End of Summer Sweepstakes
Rick Janik of Taylor Ridge, IL

Fort Myers Getaway Sweepstakes
Kim Tebbe of McClausland, IA

Quad City Music Guild Sunset Boulevard Sweepstakes
Pam Ernat of Rock Island, IL

Zoo Fun Day Sweepstakes
July – Fran Sedam of Colona, IL
June – Tara Grafton of Oquawka, IL

Pit Pit Guess the Tees Sweepstakes
Rebecca Hinman of Colona, IL

Uncommon Ground 5 Days of Giveaways
Wed, 7/12 – Telisa Mulica of Rock Island, IL
Thurs, 7/13 – Robyn Merrill of Davenport, IA
Fri, 7/14- Val Caudwell of Moline, IL
Sat, 7/15- Carrie Duke of Moline, IL
Sun, 7/16 – Terrence Schnoor of Maquoketa, IA

Win a Home Generator from the Electric Doctor Sweepstakes
Pamela Behr of Rock Island, IL

Quad City Music Guild “West Side Story” Sweepstakes
Veronica Ashby of Bettendorf, Iowa

Win a Tub/Shower Makeover from Luxury Bath
Kristy Markin of Davenport, IA

Splash into Summer Sweepstakes –
Grand Prize – Lisa Kerchner of Moline, IL
6/15/17 – Sheri Hunt of Knoxville, IL
6/14/17 -Lucille Dilling of Carbon Cliff, IL
6/13/17 – Diana Graham of Port Byron, IL
6/12/17 – Lisa Kerchner of Moline, IL
6/9/17 – Shayla Anderson of Rock Island, IL
6/8/17 – Belinda McMahon of Davenport, IA
6/7/17 – Gordon Minnaert of Sheffield, IL
6/6/17 – Cindi Young of Rock Island, IL
6/5/17 – Aimee Young of Carbon Cliff, IL
6/2/17 – Lisa Blumenstein of Milan, IL
6/1/17 – Colette Schmitt of Rock Falls, IL
5/31/17 – Rachel Baraks of Coal Valley, IL
5/30/17 – Vickie Morris of Galesburg, IL
5/29/17 – Jim Strieck of Bettendorf, IA
5/26/17 – Glenda Lincoln of North Henderson, IL
5/25/17 – Tina Schmitt of Milan, IL
5/24/17 – Xenia Ramos of Sterling, IL
5/23/17 – Tamarah Brooks of LeClaire, IA
5/22/17 – Bryan Wright of Davenport, IA

Brewed Passport Contest
Cheryl VanDeVoorde of Lynn Center, IL

The Little Mermaid at Quad City Music Guild Sweepstakes
Katrina Sealey of Muscatine, IA

Win Tickets to see Monster Jam Sweepstakes
Anna Dominguez of Rock Island, IL
Nathan McDonald of Wilton, IA
Tomas Rubio of Muscatine, IA

Picture Perfect Coloring Sweepstakes
2/6/17 – Ruby Clark of Silvis, IL; Avery Flynn of Milan, IL; Ryan Butz of Viola, IL; Addison Watts of Rock Falls, IL
2/7/17 – Carter Adamson of Silvis, IL; Kaiden Houston of DeWitt, IA; Mickala Neels of Moline, IL; and Colton Claeys of DeWitt, IA
2/8/17 – Lily Powell of Moline, IL; Austin Watts of DeWitt, IA; Aevaeh Baldwin of DeWitt, IA; Nick Vickers of Rock Falls, IL
2/9/17 – Jasmine Merten of Milan, IL; Josh Brown of Rock Island, IL; Lilly of East Moline, IL; Sadie Rickertsen of DeWitt, IA
2/10/17 – Brady Dies of DeWitt, IA; Jonathin Brown of Rock Island, IL; Hunter of Rapids City, IL; Annabelle Myatt of Rock Island, IL
2/13/17 – Luke Anderson of Sherrard, IL; Grace Harper of Moline, IL; Faith Gerardy of Maquoketa, IA; Ian Maxwell of DeWitt, IA
2/14/17 – Chloe Strachan of Reynolds, IL; Daisy Feliksiak of Rock Island, IL; Iris Stockwell of East Moline, IL; Andrew Allen of DeWitt, IA
2/15/17 – Brandon Hu of Davenport, IA; Lori Anne Schumaker of Alpha, IL; Evan Woolsey of Galesburg, IL; Valerie Hickerson of Orion, IL
2/16/17 – Cooper Shook of Davenport, IA; Lily Goldsberry of East Moline, IL; Hana Okba of LeClaire, IA; Taylor Cernin of Bettendorf, IA
2/17/17 – Dalani Beuthien of Grand Mound, IA; Jesse Hines of Davenport, IA; Lizzy Kester of Rock Island, IL; Liana Garcia of East Moline, IL
2/20/17 – Jonathan Ashby of East Moline, IL; Megan Hursman of Geneseo, IL; Olivia Gluessing of DeWitt, IA; Kaden Riley of Geneseo, IL
2/21/17 – Olivia Lopez of DeWitt, IA; Owen Hubbard of Bettendorf, IA; Stella of East Moline, IL; Sophie House of DeWitt, IA
2/22/17 – Imogen Jirak of Wilton, IA; Kennedy Ochkie of Rock Island, IL; Natalie Yanke of Eldridge, IA; Caleigh Powers of Kewanee, IL
2/23/17 – Mallory of DeWitt, IA; Abigail Moroney of LeClaire, IA; Shivesh Ganesh of East Moline, IL; Zoey Rooks of Davenport, IA
2/24/17 – Ryan Francis of Woodhull, IL; Colton Penniston of DeWitt, IA; Isaac Smith of DeWitt, IA; Ryan Pratt of Neponset, IL
2/27/17 – Lacie McCutcheon of Bettendorf, IA; Keegan Dunsworth of Carbon Cliff, IL; Isabella Achey of Davenport, IA; Owen Harris of Rock Island, IL
2/28/17 – Allison Frank of Moline, IL; Walt Miller of Viola, IL; August Kuehl of Sterling, IL; Drew Hawk of Andalusia, IL
3/1/17 – Addison Williamson of Rock Island, IL; Rhett Phillips of East Moline, IL;  Khat Lam Lien Thang of Rock Island, IL; Juliet Lawson of Cambridge, IL

Chicago Weekend Getaway Sweepstakes – Quad Cities Regional Auto Show
Mishel House of Reynolds, IL

Win LASIK from Eye Surgeons Associates Sweepstakes
Kristina Katherman of Bettendorf, IA

Dry Basement Giveaway Sweepstakes
Denise Schreck of Monmouth, IL

Weddings to the Max Sweepstakes
Gabriella Dhesse of Spring Valley, IL