Contest Winner List

Contest Winners

Here is a list of winners from our latest contests:

Valentine Love Story Contest
Wendy Kulig of Coal Valley, IL


Grocery Giveaway – Week #2
Ashley Gordon of Clinton, IA
Helen Niebuhr of Clinton, IA
Pam Hargrave of Clinton, IA


Grocery Giveaway – Week #1
Myra Roelens of Moline, IL
Mireya Hernandez of Moline, IL
Jean Phillips of Rock Island, IL

Ultimate Blackhawk Fan Contest #2
Audrea Devine of Abingdon, IL
Harlem Globetrotters Ball Boy/Ball Girl Contest
Jacob Boss of Kewanee, IL
WeddingMAX Contest
Marisa Hull of Rock Island, IL
Van Wall Snowblower Giveaway
Michael O’Connell of Bettendorf, IA
Walt Disney World Family Vacation Contest
Grand Prize – Erica Adams of Reynolds, IL
8 Days of Christmas Contest
Day One – Linda’s Salsa –   Tim Lake of Salem, IA
Day Two – Isabel Bloom – Laurie Streicher of Kewanee, IL
Day Three – Word of Life Church – Lori Steen of Davenport, IA
Day Four – Saint Giuseppe’s  – Mary Pearl of Colona, IL
Day Five – Circa ’21- Terry Richardson of Davenport, IA.
Day Six – Special Effects Fashion Boutique  – Sara Nash of Bettendorf, IA, Christine Simpson of Morrison, IL,  Amanda LeCount of Davenport, IA
Day Seven – Salon Halo – Kenny Roeder of Fulton, IL
Day Eight – Necker’s Jewelers – Pam Thonn of Moline, IL
QC Family Entertainment Center Birthday Club Winners
December 4 – Easton Wilkening of Bellevue, IA
November 27 – Delaney Lewis of Moline, IL
November 20 – Madison Lingle of Davenport, IA
November 13 – Jayden White of East Moline, IL
November 6 – Dylan Hulderson of Taylor, IL
October 30 – Corion Alexander of Davenport, IA
October 23 – Corbin Schnell of Coal Valley, IL
October 16 – Brandon Hu of Davenport, IA
Kick the Cold in Punta Cana Contest
Dee Wells of Bettendorf, IA
Disney on Ice Contest
Grand Prize – Mindy Dunlap of Clinton, IA
Runner-Up Winners
Jeanette Johnson of Moline, IL
Kathy Cook of Clinton, IA
Ultimate Blackhawk Fan Contest
Crystal Milne of Davenport, IA
Walt Disney World Family Vacation Contest
Green Thumbers Finalists – Michelle Dyer of Bettendorf, IA
Green Thumbers Finalists – Lynn Rosenberger of Clinton, IA
Green Thumbers Finalists – Sherri Dietz of Walcott, IA
Green Thumbers Finalists – Alice Womack of East Moline, IL
Green Thumbers Finalists – Ruth Ann Ramsey of Davenport, IA
12/4/15 – Kacie Moeller of Walcott, IA
12/3/15 –  Lacey James of Moline, IL
12/2/15 – Chris Gaura of Bettendorf, IA
12/1/15 – Erica Ewert of Moline, IL
11/30/15 – Chris Gaura of Bettendorf, IA
11/27/15 – Heather Barroso of Spring Valley, IL
11/26/15 – Martha Asay of Davenport, IA
11/25/15 – Sharon Bordine of Davenport, IA
11/24/15 – Kathy Caves of Galesburg, IL
11/23/15 – Naomi Ballard of Moline, IL
11/20/15 – Christy Gerard of Oneida, IL
11/19/15 – Lydia Matya of East Moline, IL
11/18/15 – Matthew Proctor of DeWitt, IA
11/17/15 – Bobbi Litwiler of Davenport, IA
11/16/15 – Genni Bowman of Davenport, IA
11/13/15 – Judy Blad of Moline, IL
11/12/15 – Danielle Cook Roberts of Moline, IL
11/11/15 – Nancy Plymale of New Liberty, IA
11/10/15 – Stacy Markey of Cambridge, IL
11/9/15 – Natasha Williamson of Bettendorf, IA
11/6/15 Finalist  – Lyndsy Lowe of Davenport, IA
11/5/15 Finalist – Sarah Carelton of East Moline, IL
11/4/15 Finalist – Christine Watts of Moline, IL
11/3/15 Finalist – Carlo Ferreri of East Moline, IL
11/2/15 Finalist – Erica Adams of Reynolds, IL
CMA Awards Guitar Giveaway
Roger Feldman of Rock Island, IL
Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales Contest
Alice Novak of East Moline, IL

Warm Up to Winter Contest – Crawford Company
Chad Mallum of East Moline, IL


Circa ’21 Route 66 Contest
Carolyn Wuerzburger  of Keithsburg, IL

VIP Circus Contest
Grand Prize – Lisa Sloan of Moline, IL
Runner – Up – Tiffany Pedersen of Davenport, IA
Runner- Up – Angela Newkirk of DeWitt, IA

Midnite Mausoleum Contest
Carl Derrickson of Silvis, IL
Halley Lee of Davenport, IA

Boeing Boeing Contest – Circa ’21
Kelsey Frazelle of Rock Island, IL

Dancing with the Stars Contest
Christopher Kemp of Davenport, IA
Marte Welch of Aledo, IL

Home Generator Contest
Gary Tschopp of Eldridge, IA

Golf and Car Care Giveaway
Robin Wilson of Little York, IL

Spirit Hollow Golf Giveaway
Dave Allardyce of Davenport, IA

Professional Bull Riders Contest
Sheila Zenk of Bettendorf, IA

Sound of Music Contest – Circa ’21
Sue-Ellen Jornd of Milan, IL

Crawford Company – Crash My Bath Contest
Heather Dennis of Davenport, IA

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