Contest Winner List

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Contest Winners

Here is a list of winners from our latest contests:

Weddings to the Max Sweepstakes
Gabriella Dhesse of Spring Valley, IL

Harlem Globetrotters Ball Kid Contest
Natasha Dennison of Kewanee, IL

Kitchen Makeover Contest
Ivy Rogers of Sterling, IL

Brewed Holiday Contest
Lesley Gagnon of Bettendorf, IA

12 Days of Christmas Sweepstakes
Day 1 – Ballet Quad Cities – Traci Greenman of Altona, IL
Day 2 – Salon Halo – Lindsay Bryant of Galva, IL
Day 3 – Saint Giuseppe’s – Barbara Reichwein of Port Byron, IL
Day 4 – Corn Crib – #1 Tina Sims of Taylor Ridge, IL and #2 Janet Schultz of Rock Island, IL
Day 5 – Circa ’21 – Lynda White of West Burlington, IA
Day 6 – Necker’s Jewelers – Victoria McCarty of LeClaire, IA
Day 7 – QCSO – #1 – Tomina Crowe of Moline, IL, #2 – Lou Campbell of Moline, IL, and #3 – Sue Cripe of Bettendorf, IA
Day 8 – Green Thumbers – Jose Sandoval of Knoxville, IL
Day 9 – Highland Park Bowl – Carol Surdez of Aledo, IL
Day 10 – Riddle’s Jewelry – Carol Stanfield of Morrison, IL
Day 11 – Willow Haven – Rita Anderson of Colona, IL
Day 12 – Revell Jewelers – Louann Rice of Galesburg, IL

Disney on Ice – Dare to Dream Contest
Sharon Conger of Milan, IL
Carl Kirkpatrick of Bettendorf, IA
Hollie Johnson of Bettendorf, IA

Walt Disney World® Resort Family Vacation Contest
11/14/16 – Ashley Shelby of Blue Grass, IA
11/15/16 – Russell Gillam of Monmouth, IL
11/16/16 – Tia Green of DeWitt, IA
11/17/16 – PJ Strike of Prophetstown, IL
11/18/16 – Tonya Haskell of Clinton, IA
11/21/16 – Sherri Thacker of Walnut, IL
11/22/16 – David Loncarich of Bettendorf, IL
11/23/16 – Kathy Mimi of Blue Grass, IA
11/24/16 – Carlo Ferreri of East Moline, IL
11/25/16 – Lisa Stewart of Clinton, IA
11/28/16 – Amy Dodge of Morrison, IL
11/29/16 – Lisa Terry of Rock Island, IL
11/30/16 – Robyn Libby of Galesburg, IL
12/1/16 – Lacey James of Moline, IL
12/2/16 – Kris Rennison of Rock Island, IL
12/5/16 – Adam Delp of Davenport, IA
12/6/16 – Roger Wilson of Muscatine, IA
12/7/16 – Ron Collins of Moline, IL
12/8/16 – Sara Fichtner of Davenport, IA
12/9/16 – Janice Coon of Barstow, IL
Revell Jewelers Winner #1 – Kurt Aguilar of Le Claire, IA
Revell Jewelers Winner #2 -Jerry Waite of Davenport, IA
Revell Jewelers Winner #3 – Bob Allen of Bettendorf, IA
Revell Jewelers Winner #4 – Rich Schipper of East Moline, IL
Revell Jewelers Winner #5 -Josh Stocking of Bettendorf, IA

Halloween Pet Costume Contest
Abbi Wallarab of Matherville, IL

CMA Awards Contest
Taylor Fulford of East Moline, IL

Zookeeper for a Day – September
Lynn Boelger of Davenport, IA

Zookeeper for a Day – August
Jayne Kerns of Moline, IL

Zookeeper for a Day – July
Amy Fielding of Reynolds, IL

Crash My Bath Contest
Ashley Wright of Rock Island, IL