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Farmer’s Market vendors react to drought

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Saturday’s rain was a very welcome sight for area farmers.

But, the big question remains- has the damage already been done?

Because of the summer drought, the value of corn in Illinois is rated poor to very poor.

Many of the stands at the Farmer’s Market in downtown Davenport say their yield is about half of what it normally is.

“Sweet corn is good,”said Rick Mess, with Kurt’s Green Acres and Little Red Barn.

But, he said, there’s not a lot of it and they’re expecting a short season.

Bruce Curry, with Country Corner in Alpha, Illinois, says he’s had to do away with some perks for customers.

“Got rid of some discounts,” said Curry. “I used to sell canning corn cheap or I used to be able to sell two for the price of one.”

Both Curry and Mess say the prices they’re charging for produce have stayed the same.

If farmers have crop insurance, the USDA’s drought designation for Rock Island and Scott counties will make low interest loans available.

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