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News 8 “Pays It Forward” To Dorca’s Closet

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It's just a garage from the outside, but as you look closer you'll noticed the sign that reads "Dorca's Closet."

Inside, the word "closet" fits... kind of. Rows and walls are packed with clothes, toys, books, and shoes. There's a little bit of everything and everything is free.

"I was a single parent," says Stephanie Hughes. "I could have tremendously benefited from something like this."

Stephanie and her mom, Sheila, started Dorca's Closet nine years ago. What was a church missionary project soon settled in Sheila's garage. The closet grew and so did the need.

"We've helped fire victims," says Stephanie. "When they had the floods over in Oquawka, Gulfport, Gladstone area they came and got a lot of things from here also."

They've also helped Kathy Hutchings.

"I'm on disability and I can't go out and buy new clothes and I've pick up quite a few things there," says Kathy.

Kathy says Dorca's Closet is more than just free stuff - it's freedom.

"They just treat you like they've known you for years and you feel more comfortable."

So, she wanted to pay it forward and thank Dorca's Closet for all they've done for "customers" like her.

"When you've got people that take their own time at their own home and take all these donations from people then open their door to let people who don't have the money pick what they need and take it with no problem... It makes them feel that somebody is still caring regardless of how bad things are," says Kathy.

To watch Kathy surprise Stephanie and Sheila with $300 and see what Dorca's Closet plans to use the money for, click on the video above.