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Neighbors React to Inmate Escape

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EAST MOLINE - Neighbors say they're considering moving after an inmate escaped from the East Moline Correctional Center.

It happened around 8 a.m. Wednesday. The inmate was found an hour later after allegedly breaking into a home.

"Nobody wants that around here," East Moline resident Alejandro Hurtado said. "This is a nice neighborhood around here. It's nice and calm around here."

Officials say 41-year-old David Stodolny escaped from the prison Wednesday.  He allegedly broke into a home about a quarter-mile away on 20th avenue.

A prison worker said Stodolny got through some barbed wire Wednesday morning.   The home he allegedly entered is northeast of the correctional facility and further away from neighborhoods on Third Avenue.

"Still, it's kind of freaky," Hurtado said. "I look right across the street, and he escaped. I could have been out by my car. He could have stabbed me or something. He could have drove off, and nobody would have found him."

Hurtado lives with his parents on Third Avenue. He and other neighbors are concerned because this is the second time in the past year an inmate has escaped.

"I don't want anyone to hurt my mom or my dad," Hurtado said. "That's scary."

When asked whether Wednesday's escape was because of a shortage in prison staff, a representative for the Illinois Department of Corrections said that was not the case.  The representative said there are 100 more beds available if more inmates have to come to the facility.

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