Plants and lawns weather the extreme heat

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The high temperatures are affecting curb appeal for homeowners and businesses, with landscaping companies working overtime to prevent a loss in inventory.

"It's an island of brown,” said Ray Villagomez, who lives in Moline. “I guess I should say we're the only island of green."

Keeping an immaculate lawn is a labor of love for Villagomez and his mom, Josephine, but it's been a challenge this summer and the watering is constant.

"Because of the extreme weather we’re watering every day,” he said. “We're going to have a nice water bill."

At Heritage Landscape Design in Moline, they've seen a one-percent loss in their inventory because of the heat.

"With the drought, the extreme heat days, I spend 75-percent of my time watering," said Juli Hurley, a caretaker at the nursery.

While most of the plants there thrive in a warmer climate, some don't.

"This is a burning bush,” said Hurley. “Normally, it is very heat tolerant, but I don't know what happened to it."

The sod also needs a lot of watering- something their built-in irrigation system helps with.

But, not everyone can afford something like this, so they have to deal with a brown lawn.

"Yes, it's turning brown and crunchy and it's really awful to look at,” she said. “But, they will come back again."

The nursery suggests watering your lawn once a day and preferably in the morning.

"You want to get the grass saturated and then you want to let it dry,” said Kevin Glackin with Heritage Landscape and Design. “If you don't, it can develop a fungus."

For Josephine, her green thumb is paying off but not without lots of love in the form of a watering hose.

Heritage is also in charge of maintaining the grounds at the new Kone building in downtown Moline.

Because of the heat, they're working overtime to keep the plants there alive.

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