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July 25 is National Hot Fudge Sundae Day

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(CNN) — Sundae! Sundae! Sundae! July 25 is National Hot Fudge Sundae Day.

Today, we honor one of food’s greatest combinations: hot and cold. As the two temperatures collide on your spoon, the ice cream melts just a little and the flavors and textures combine. It’s melty, creamy, and chocolaty all in the same bite. Surely, this is what dreams are made of?

While the origin of the plain ol’ sundae is disputed, there’s no mistaking where the hot fudge version got its start. Clarence Clifton Brown is credited with the invention, and served hot fudge sundaes in his Hollywood store starting in 1906. It allegedly took him two months to perfect the recipe.

In the days when ice cream parlors weren’t a novelty but rather the standard, hot fudge sundaes were served in fluted classes so the hot chocolaty goodness could run all the way down the sides.

A good hot fudge sauce shouldn’t melt all the other ingredients, namely the ice cream. Melted chocolate tends to “seize”or harden when cooled, so using it alone isn’t ideal for this preparation. The addition of heavy cream, butter or even light corn syrup can help achieve that rich, creamy consistency.

If you’re feeling guilty (which, by the way, you shouldn’t be – treat your self!), remember that a hot fudge sundae contains 21% of your recommended daily calcium intake.