Christian Bale visits shooting victims in Aurora

It's been a terrible few days for the people of Aurora, Colorado but yesterday two event provided a boost for the community spirit.

Survivors of last week shootings and the medical staff that has been treating them got a surprise visitor.

Batman himself -- or at least the actor who plays him -- Christian Bale visited victims of last Friday's movie theater shooting.

Bale showed up in Aurora without a camera crew, so the cell phone photos taken by survivors (shown in video) are the only clear pictures.

Bale specifically asked for no publicity. The actor also stopped by the memorial for the 12 people who were killed in the massacre.

Disturbing new details about the man who allegedly carried out the massacre have come out.  ABC News has learned that inside the Aurora Police headquarters, in the hours after the shooting, James Holmes was staring at the wall...his eyebrows twitching...he even used evidence bags, which were placed over his hands by detectives, as hand puppets.  

Holmes is scheduled to be formally charged July 30.



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