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Scam artists target Quad City neighborhoods

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Another string of summertime scam artists are targeting some Quad City neighborhoods and this time, they're using the name of a local hospital to steal money from kind-hearted victims.

"A young girl about 19 years old, knocked on the door and said if she bought a children's book, it would be donated to Genesis East," said Toni Nicoletto, "And then that would help this girl rack up points. She said if she got enough points she'd get enough money for a college scholarship."

It happened to Nicoletto's friend Thursday night in a West Davenport neighborhood near Hobson and Dittmer streets.

Her friend thought she was purchasing a book on Humpty Dumpty for the hospital's pediatric unit, and wrote out a check for $17.50.

"She wrote out the check, the sales girl wrote out a paper receipt, but after we looked at it, it didn't make much sense at all," Nicoletto recounted.

Luckily, she called her bank and was able to stop the check.

Genesis Health Systems spokesperson Craig Cooper says it's a scam.

"The first thing is, we don't solicit door to door for Genesis Health Services Foundation. We don't sell pizzas, we don't sell candy, we don't sell magazines or anything like that," Cooper said.

Nicoletto happens to work for Generations, an area agency on aging in Scott County, who hears about scams against the elderly all the time. She just wants to warn people of all ages about this latest door to door con.

"Don't buy it. Don't fall for it. It's bogus. If you buy a book or magazine, it's never going to be donated to the hospital, and you're never gonna get your magazine."

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