Finalist # 5 – Brittany Logsdon and Andrew Wicks

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Finalist # 5 – Brittany Logsdon and Andrew Wicks

Why should you win the “Love of a Lifetime Wedding Giveaway”?

My fiance and I have been together for three years now, and in those three years we have been through some ups and some downs. The first of those three years was spent 6 hours apart from each other, but with the help of Andrew and his amazingly wonderful family I was able to move home to the Quad Cities so we could be together. Two years ago he went through a very difficult time when he lost his grandpa with whom he is very close, and shortly after that his only sister miscarried twins. That very next summer while he was working for a company that built pole barns, and while he was re-roofing a building one afternoon he fell through and landed approximately 25 feet below on concrete. Because of the incident, he lost his job and has had to undergo two different surgeries, one of which he is still recovering from. With a wedding to plan for and no job, money is definitely a concern for us. I know he has a lot of stress in his life right now because after two years of unemployment, he will soon be looking for a new job. I know that this wedding package would really take away a lot of the stress of planning and paying for the wedding of our dreams.