Finalist #3 – Emily Schwenker and Nathan Ehlers

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Finalist #3 – Emily Schwenker and Nathan Ehlers

Why should you receive the “Love of a Lifetime Wedding Giveaway”?

Nathan and I met on Our first date lasted three days! We knew right away we loved each other, as sentimental as that sounds. Since we got engaged, we’ve been planning and budgeting for a wedding. I’ve been steadily saving money from my job as a Catholic school teacher for years, as well as working part-time at Hy-Vee during the summer.

Nathan works at Quad City Bank & Trust. Unfortunately, our parents, who are close to retirement, aren’t able to help out very much, which we understand completely. However, this puts a lot of financial stress on Nathan and me to pay for our special day.

We are both paying back college loans and unable to set very much money aside for our wedding, let alone a honeymoon! We would love a chance to celebrate our wedding stylishly with our friends and family!

Please consider Nathan and me for this giveaway. We would be forever grateful!