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Finalist #2 – Jill Badrick and Jeff Hipskind

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Finalist #2 – Jill Badrick and Jeff Hipskind

Why should you win the “Love of a Lifetime Wedding Giveaway”?

Over two plus years ago, on a website that everyone knows. Highly touted to find one’s “Match,” I was finally paired up with my perfect catch.

Jeff as a manufacturing engineer, me as a physical therapist (always sincere).

While we might seem like your average “Joes”, that’s not how our story goes…
We went out for a date on a walk and nice dinner, after messages online suggested he was a winner.

I lured him in with a home-cooked meal, after a long match of tennis—what a good deal?
While some people hunt little, furry creatures, Jeff hunts for Indian artifacts with unusual features.

In creek beds, farm fields, and river banks he looks, for pieces that are down in the deepest of nooks.

Arrowheads, axes, and blades galore, you never know what the day has in store.
Traveling the country for artifact auctions and shows, looking at items from a million years ago.

We also like to do some traveling for fun, North Carolina and Mexico—bring on the sun!!
While long walks on the beach may sound very cliché, this is exactly what we do on our vacations away.

I’d love to compete on the show “The Amazing Race,” to travel the whole world while completing the chase.

The rest of the time we try to stay busy, between running, biking, and volleyball—it can be quite a tizzy!

While all our adventures together have been exciting, there is nothing more simply inviting.
Than all the time we spend together, even if it’s a movie night “in” to avoid the cold winter weather.

Over the course of the past two wonderful years, one thing has become strikingly clear.
I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and I couldn’t wait to tell all my friends.

That we got engaged in May, 2012, and all of the details they wanted to delve.

While we won’t be married until 2013, I look forward to all of the memories and challenges in between.

I am completely in love with Jeff, my best friend and I look forward to all our days together without end.

While we don’t want a wedding that’s extreme or outlandish, WQAD and QC businesses you could help fulfill our wishes.

We recognize that we are each already so blessed, please select us as the winner of this contest.