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Finalist #1 – Brooke Anderson and Andrew Anselmi

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Brooke Anderson and Andrew Anselmi

Why should you win the “Love of a Lifetime Wedding Giveaway”?

When we first found out about this giveaway from one of our mother’s, we looked at each other really excited because we knew this giveaway would be a perfect fit for us! That’s because it was in the time frame we wanted to get married and it would be a great opportunity for us to have the wedding of our dreams. Andrew and I have been a couple for just over 6 ½ years and we are high school sweethearts. When we first got engaged on September 4th we initially thought, as most college students would, “Oh no! How are we going to pay for it?!” But instead of worrying about the most difficult aspect of a wedding, we celebrated with our family and friends for making such a big step in our relationship.

That’s why I’m entering us in this today. We are both seniors at Monmouth College and we are working towards our degrees in Elementary Education. Once we graduate college in May, we will be faced with the thousands of dollars of debt we’ve built up. This will make it very hard for us to have our wedding we are planning for in 2013 but with the help of this giveaway we could just focus on beginning the rest of our lives together. However, that’s a very small reason why we deserve this wedding package. We sit here writing this and agree, we deserve it because we soon plan on giving back to our Quad Cities community as committed and impactful teachers. By our local businesses giving to us the most amazing gift, we can one day give back to them by creating a wonderful learning environment for our community’s students. We are very much in love with each other and we would be honored to represent this giveaway by showing the Quad Cities that our love is definitely a “Love of a Lifetime”!