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Q.C movie fans react to Batman shootings

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Hours after the deadly Batman shootings in Colorado, movie-goers packed the parking lot at the Great Escape Theater in Moline, for the first showings of the Dark Night Rises.

''Crazy. It's crazy. The shootings, people are just crazy'', said Chris Rasso, who came to see the 11:30 morning showing with her husband and two grandkids.

Mary Dixon of Iowa City was in town to visit her granddaughter from Eldridge, and says she actually thought twice a bout showing up at the theater.

''I thought about it today, I thought maybe a copycat, but no, we decided to go anyway'', Dixon said before getting in line for her tickets. ''Life goes on''.

There were no visible security guards at the site for the daytime shows, but it appeared that every child was accompanied by an adult.

''I never send my kids to the show by themselves. Never. Today, in this world, you just don't know what's going to happen'', said Tony Rasso.

Witnesses at the Aurora, Colorado shootings say alarms sounded in the theater at some point during the shootings, but it was too  late.

''They said 'murder in the theater, murder in the theater''', said the eyewitness.

Some Quad Citians headed into the Dark Night Rises say it may be time for metal detectors at the movies, but also said, there's no way to totally feel safe.

''I think you need (metal detectors) at more than airports. Times have changed, they're getting worse'', Rasso said.

''It's very scary. People need to be aware of what can happen, anywere at any time'', Dixon said.

The corporate office for Great Escape did not return WQAD's phone call to ask about any increased security measures.

The parent owner of Davenport's 53rd Street Imax multi-plex routinely has armed, off-duty Sheriff's Deputies on security. It issued this statement Friday.

''We take security very seriously and weill continue to make every effort to ensure that our movie-goers are safe when they visit our theaters''.

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