Odor Raises Neighborhood Concerns

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ROCK ISLAND - Neighbors near 7th Street and 23rd Avenue are complaining about a smell they say is coming from a home.

Neighbors say the smell has been going on for more than a month now. The smell is so bad some wear a bandana around their face when they go near the home.

"It was just gross," neighbor Sheila Guthrie said. "Everybody can hear me talk with this bandana. [At least] I can breathe."

Neighbors claim the home has been abandoned for more than 30 years. People that live even closer to the home say the smell is so bad that they've called police.

"I talked with some of the neighbors," Guthrie said. "They've been complaining about this for four or five weeks."

Linda Regan says the home poses a threat to the neighbors. She says other family members have noticed the stench as soon as they've eventered the home.

"My dad was over here at a yard sale," Regan says. "He got this whiff and he about near went down. I told him to go inside."

Neighbors believe a dead animal may be inside the home. Because there is a crevice near the backyard, some believe an animal may have gotten in, but never came out.

They also say the landlord comes by two or three times a day, but she doesn't enter the home. News 8 did not see her at the home Friday. The door to the home is also locked.

The city's health inspection unit was also not available to comment Friday. Neighbors say they've also tried calling the Rock Island County Health Department to investigate the issue. 

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