Iowa contractor sentenced for lying to immigration enforcement

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Prison bars (MGN)

A Dubuque, Iowa owner of a concrete business will spend two months in federal prison for helping an illegal alien avoid apprehension.

Richard Weber, 30, told Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in February 2010 that an illegal alien for whom they were searching had been laid off from his concrete business. 

In fact, the illegal alien was still employed by Weber on the day he was questioned.   Weber had actually spoken to the illegal alien that same day. 

The illegal alien fled and has still not been apprehended. 

Weber admitted to the allegations and pleaded guilty April 5, 2012 to one count of making a false material statement to an ICE agent.

Weber was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Cedar Rapids to two months in prison, plus $5,100 in fines.  He will also serve three years of supervised release after his prison term is completed.

Weber was released on bond.  The surrender date to begin his prison sentence had not yet been set.