Green Up the Grass with “Lawn Tonic”

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The on-going drought is doing some real damage to your lawn.

Instead of spending money on costly repairs, one golf course greenskeeper says he’s got the recipe to green up your lawn for less.

It still involves doing some watering but if you mix some ingredients found in the house you can add the need nutrients that could help bring life back to those brown patches and dried-out sections of the lawn.

The “Lawn Tonic” includes one can or bottle of soda, any kind as long as it is not diet. The carbs in the soda will feed the lawn.

  • One can of beer. Don’t use light beer because it eats the thatch
  • A half cup of any dishwashing soap. But make sure you don’t use anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid
  • A half cup of ammonia which promotes growth.
  • And finally a half cup of any mouthwash which will kill bugs and grubs
  • Mix it all together then put it in a hose end sprayer then water your lawn. 
Convinced?   Not everyone’s sure it’ll work.

“I mean I would probably try it but I wouldn’t be expecting much,” said Cleveland area homeowner Mark Buhoveckey.

“I guess maybe i would give it a shot it’s kinda of unorthodox but maybe,” says Kristen Kovach.

“If it turns my grass green then go for it without having to waste water and the sprinkler,” said Sarah Hutchinson.

These products cost less than 20-dollars so it’s a lot cheaper then buying store bought mixes.