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Ag in the AM: Costly Irrigation Proving Essential

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SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Illinois Governor Pat Quinn will tour a drought-stricken farm in southern Illinois Monday It comes after Senator Richard Durbin saw a Springfield-area farm's drought fight first hand Sunday. 

Farmers in southern Illinois are facing the worst of the dry weather but those who farm in northern Illinois are not seeing a much better situation.

As you might expect, farmers are turning to irrigation to save their crops but that comes with a hefty price tag and all of those expenses are hitting farm familes in the pocket books.

"The fuel costs are way higher, we've probably spent 40 to 45 thousand
dollars more on fuel just in this last month than we would typically do," said McHenry County farmer Cliff Ingersoll of Twin Garden Farms to WTVO Television.

"So the expenses are up, the costs are up."

Ingersoll says there's little relief in sight so he plans to continue irrigating fields every day of the week.