Local winery welcomes the dry weather

While many parts of Iowa and Illinois are considered to be in a drought, not every grower is complaining.  Grape growers for local wineries are fairing well in these extreme weather conditions.

Martha Rittmueller, owner of Lavender Crest Winery in Colona says this weather is ideal for grape growing.  The local winery has an acre of grapes that are harvesting well.  Rittmueller says, "The dry weather, if the vine is established, will not hurt the grapes and the stressful conditions can sometimes improve the yield."

The growers will welcome any increased yield since the late frost in our area killed the first round of crop. 

The grapes also thrive off the sun.  The more sun exposure, the sweeter the grapes become.  Wine markers though, can make up for the amount of sweetness by added more water or sugar to the final product.

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