Daughter says mom was ”too scared” to walk away from abuse

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Updated July 16, 2012:  A Scott County Jury found Eric Olsen guilty of homicide by motor vehicle ad of leaving the scene of a fatality accident.   Sentencing was set for August 16, 2012.


Original story Thursday, July 12, 2012:

A Scott County jury will soon decide the fate of Eric Olsen, a Davenport man accused of running over his girlfriend and leaving her to die.

Olsen did not testify in his own defense, but his attorneys contend that Wanda Weldy jumped out of the moving car and was run over by accident.

Chyann Delles was her daughter, and along with her sister, aunt and grandmother, have come to court every day this week, listening to testimony often too tough to bear.

''When it gets too hard for me, I have to walk out and take a breather'', said Delles, who is 15 years old.

 ''It's heartbreaking and overwhelming. Being in court is so emotional. Sometimes I'm sad. Sometimes angry'', she said.

The relationship with Olsen was rocky. There were accusations of physical abuse. Orders of protection. Weldy filed one just three days before her death, but went back to Olsen.

''I think she was too scared to walk away. She was too used to that lifestyle, and just too scared to get out of it'', Delles said. ''She put the order of protection on him on a Thursday, three days before she passed away.''

She and her sister did not live with Weldy, they lived with their dad, but are seeking justice for their mother.

''She was my best friend, always there for me. He took away my best freind and a mother that will never be able to watch me graduate and see her grandchild when my sisters and I decide to have one,'' Delles said.

She wears a purple ribbon near her heart.

''This ribbon stands against domestic violence, against guys that abuse women'', and says she hopes others who know someone being abused will ''pick them back up and grab their hand.''

The teen, wise beyond her years, says she's learned to stand up for herself and doesn't let anyone put her down. She wants others to remember what she believes her mom forgot.

''Make sure they find a man that respects them and treats them well. Don't put up with anyone putting you down''.

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