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Judge sentences teen driver to probation after friend’s death

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A teenaged driver who struck and killed his friend at a party last year was formally sentenced Wednesday. Under the terms of the plea deal he took, the judge determined he wouldn’t serve any time in jail. He was sentenced to five years probation, and a fine.

18-year-old Cody Lantau plead guilty to one count of homicide by vehicle in Scott County court in June, telling the judge he was drinking and driving at the time of the deadly accident. But tests taken three hours after the crash showed his blood alcohol content was under the legal limit.

17-year old Will Schwener was pinned by Lantau’s Chevy Blazer, and died at the scene.

Schwener’s family left the courthouse in tears after the sentencing.

”He’s gonna get probation. There will be a court-ordered fine of $160,000. I’d rather have my son back”, said Ron Schwener, the victim’s dad. ”He’s not going to get a day of jail time. He never has, from day one. It’s just wrong”, he said.

”You don’t write a traffic ticket for a Class C felony when you kill somebody”, Schwener said.

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